About me

I was born in the vibrant city of Pretoria, South Africa. From a young age, I harboured a fervent passion for technology.

This passion led me to North-West University in Potchefstroom, where I pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Information Technology. My academic journey coincided with the explosive growth of the Dotcom Bubble.

In 2001, I decided to explore opportunities overseas, specifically in London. The Dotcom Bubble was still riding high, and I had high hopes of kickstarting my IT career. Little did I know that a dramatic shift in my journey was just around the corner.

Unfortunately, fate had a different plan for me. In the same year I arrived in London, the Dotcom Bubble abruptly burst, sending shockwaves through the tech industry. IT job openings became scarce, and I found myself accepting employment as a security guard to make ends meet.

In London

While working as a security guard, I continued to search for IT opportunities. Eventually, I secured a position with the UK Census in Witness, North-West England. To my disappointment, the role was far from what I had expected, primarily revolving around data entry. I had traded the comforts of London for a job that fell short of my ambitions.

After a few months, a call from a friend offered a glimmer of hope. I landed a job with a Central London IT firm that was recruiting. However, as quickly as I secured my dream job, I lost it.

Desperate Search

The following months were the most tumultuous of my life. Once again, I found myself on the job hunt, and even returning to my previous security guard job was not an option, as jobs remained elusive.

My second chance

During my job search, I contacted my former employer to address a payroll issue. In a moment of desperation, I implored, “I wish you’d give me one more chance!” A few weeks later, he called with an opportunity for temporary employment, and I eagerly accepted.

I returned to work for my former employer on an ad-hoc basis, earning a meagre £50 per day. Survival in London on such a salary was challenging, but I clung to the hope of a brighter future. Eventually, I was offered a full-time position, bringing in £12,000 per year. It wasn’t much, but it was a step in the right direction.

At this point, life seemed bewildering. I questioned the fairness of my circumstances, reflecting on the principle that ‘doing good should lead to good.’ Despite my kindness, hard work, and educational achievements, life seemed to spiral downward. I considered giving up.

In a moment of despair, I confided in a housemate, who urged me to explore faith. Together, we attended a church service where I heard about the power of faith in manifesting dreams. Intrigued, I made a commitment to test this new path.

As an act of faith, I realigned my personal finances with the principle of giving and became a regular churchgoer. Surprisingly, change began almost immediately, and my income doubled within the first year.

Entrepreneurial success

In 2006, after years of hard work and unwavering determination, I seized an opportunity to establish my own IT company, Exec-Sys. What began as a one-man operation quickly expanded, serving numerous clients in Greater London.

To keep pace with the growth of Exec-Sys, I earned several Microsoft certifications and qualifications in Check Point Securities and Vmware. My next step was to focus on management, culminating in a mini-MBA in Management and Leadership from the London School of Business & Finance and a Certificate in Key Account Management from the Cranfield School of Management.

Suitably equipped, I decided to rebrand the Exec-Sys and in 2015, Zhero emerged. Zhero evolved into a multi-million-pound enterprise, offering a diverse array of IT services and solutions.

Today, Zhero Business Cybersecurity & IT Support is headquartered in London and extends its reach to France, Germany, South Africa, and with plans to expand to New York and Los Angeles. It has established itself among the top 3% of IT support companies in the United Kingdom.

Dedicated to empowering others

My life’s mission centres around empowering individuals to overcome complex challenges, giving them the freedom to focus on what truly matters. I use my expertise, experience, and wisdom to assist them in finding and implementing the best solutions.

My commitment extends to a broader goal of giving back to others, whether through financial support or dedicating time to help those in need. I firmly believe in the principle that “The world of the generous gets larger and larger.”

I draw inspiration from the likes of Chuck Feeney, “The billionaire who wanted  to die broke” by giving away his wealth during his lifetime. Like him, I see countless years of giving ahead.

My challenging past has fueled my determination to help people build a better future. I have faith in the power of the Christian message to bring about positive change in generations.


My life outside of IT

Outside the world of IT, I’m a devoted husband and father, actively involved in supporting the church’s purpose and power. I volunteer and serve as a director at House Regeneration, a faith-based rehabilitation center for individuals battling addiction. My property investments include Maison du Cap, a boutique guest house in Franschhoek, South Africa, managed with my wife, Annamaria.

My family and I currently explore the world, with bases in both London and Franschhoek.

My journey has been a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and unwavering determination. From humble beginnings as a security guard to the success of Zhero, I have learned that life’s challenges can be overcome with faith and the courage to take chances.

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur