Business Innovation – You Don’t Need a £1 Million Cybersecurity Budget

London Based Best-Selling Author and IT Security Expert Izak Oosthuizen Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “You Don’t Need a £1Million Cybersecurity Budget”

Business Innovator Magazine is an online media site publishing current news, information and interviews. The platform, which promotes conversations with industry and community and business leaders, recently featured a review of Izak’s 3x Amazon best-seller, You Don’t Need a £1 Million Cybersecurity Budget.

You can read the review here.

The review also mentioned two of Izak’s previous bestselling achievements as follows:

Izak Oosthuizen is a London IT thought leader, entrepreneur, and cybersecurity expert. He is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organisation London and was nominated for the prestigious UKTech50 award in 2022. Izak holds several IT qualifications – including various Microsoft, Checkpoint and VMware certifications. Combined with his 20-plus years of experience in IT, and management qualifications from the London School of Business & Finance and Cranfield School of Management, he appreciates that IT drives growth but also comes with associated security risks. Izak has co-authored two best-selling IT books, ‘Adapt and Overcome’ and ‘Cybersecurity NOW’, both available on Amazon. These are essential reads for navigating the ever-changing worlds of cybersecurity, remote working, and the digitised workplace. His insights have also been featured in The Economist, UK Computer Weekly and other prominent publications. Izak has made a name as a keynote speaker at events hosted by The Economist, N-Able, and London Market Forums (LMF). At the recent LMF 2023 Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Summit, he shared cyber-edge cybersecurity and risk mitigation strategies with contemporary pioneers such as Gary Brailsford-Hart, the Director of Information & CISO at City of London Police, and Simon Newman, the CEO of the Cyber Resilience Centre for London.

You Don’t Need a £1 Million Cybersecurity Budget is out now on Amazon in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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