The hybrid workplace that we now know so well is here to stay. But how will we be working a few years down the line, say in 2030? Just like the massive transformation of technologies from the 80s through to the 2010s, in many ways, the 2030 workplace will be vastly different from what we are accustomed to today. Here’s a prediction from Dana Stocking, a Workplace Technology Manager from San Francisco. He says:

“I see a future where individual employees have their own profiles that track their work preferences. As they approach the desk they booked for the day, it’ll automatically adjust to meet their specific ergonomic needs.”

Experts claim that the 2030 workplace will also be more community-oriented and tech-enabled. When you are onsite you will be able to have immersive experiences using augmented reality with your remote colleagues and much more. Here are a handful of trends that paint a picture what the 2030 workplace will be like.


The 2030 workplace will contain all the smart technologies that we use in our homes today, except for Alexa, of course. New, open-source software will turn the workplace ‘on’ and will be tailored to your needs and preferences. It will help you to find the space you’ve booked for the day, dim or brighten the desk light on your command, and automatically sync your IoT devices such as your phone and laptop. Your phone will also act as a voice-activated remote, controlling the lighting, temperature, volume of music, and printer – if we still use them.


How often are you in a Teams or Zoom meeting and have the feeling that you are there but not quite there? In the 2030 workplace, that will all change. Telepresence capability will be integrated throughout the environment to recreate a true ‘in the room’ experience for remote employees. People will join meetings using virtual reality devices and use AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to interact with their teammates as though they’re in the room.


Outside of meetings, smart screens will promote even more interaction. Remote and onsite workers will enjoy a coffee break together, encouraging bonding and teamwork. At lunchtime, you’ll be able to play with your friends on digital game boards. With a tap and a swipe, the game boards will morph into a digital whiteboard or meeting room screen.


Using virtual team dashboards, the 2030 workplace will also facilitate information sharing. The boards will show who’s onsite, what floor they are on and their specific location. You’ll also be able to access useful information such as birthdays, leave calendars and meeting timetables. Brian Stromquist, a Workplace Technology Practitioner, adds:

“During the day, you can show company metrics or social media feeds. But after hours these can become portals for those who want to feel connected to the social life of the office, but from the comfort of their den. ”


The 2030 workplace will see desks and meeting rooms offering real-time feedback on health and wellness best practices. If you have been in an intense meeting for too long, the room will remind you to take a break, also dimming the lights so you can relax and regroup. The use of tint glass will reduce glare and optimise daylight – you’ll experience less eye strain and have fewer headaches. Increased natural light will decrease tiredness and boost productivity.


If the apple a day isn’t working and you fall ill, wearable technologies will tell you not to go to work. Should you get sick on the job, wearables will tell you to go home and update your calendars. If your illness persists, your wearable – it could be a smartwatch or a Google Jacquard – will even offer to book a doctor’s appointment. And you thought that Alexa was good.  


I’m looking forward to the 2030 workplace experience and so should you. While it may seem difficult to picture an environment where AR, AI and VR pervade, technologies will evolve and change the way we work – both as an individual and as a team. I have over 20 years of experience as a provider of professional business IT support, specialising in cybersecurity. If you have any concerns about how technology will change our ways of working or anything that you would like to discuss, please contact me. Together we can ensure that your transformation into a new world of work is seamless and pain-free.

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