Cybersecurity NOW is an Amazon Best Seller!

Cybersecurity NOW is now a bestselling book on Amazon. This hot new release, co-authored by Izak Oosthuizen, Founder and MD of Zhero Limited, is a must-have for business owners and executives who want to protect their data and guarantee business longevity. Best seller Cybersecurity NOW is a number 1 new release on Amazon in the United States!

The Importance of Cybersecurity NOW

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has bought unprecedented changes to the way we live and work. Preparing for change and the unknown is essential if you want your business to survive. Cybersecurity is not a commodity but it is an essential component of every successful business and this must be conveyed to the business community. The business community must be educated about the importance of cybersecurity and the dire need for securing and protecting data.

Written By the Best

Cybersecurity Now is co-written by a group of 11 high-level IT experts who know the ins and outs of cybersecurity. These seasoned and experienced IT professionals have come together to teach you, a business owner, everything that you need to know about protecting your business from cybersecurity threats, and how to do it.

Cybersecurity NOW Best Seller Topics

Topics covered are:

  • Proactive Cyber Defense
  • Inside the Mind of a Hacker
  • The Importance of Email Security
  • You Are A Target: Why Hackers Are Looking For You
  • Are You Being Hacked? What to Look Out For
  • Understanding the Risk of a Cyber Attack
  • How to Avoid Being a Security Risk
  • The Business Impact of a Breach
  • Cybersecurity Defined
  • How Human Error Can Cost You Thousands
  • How to Protect Your Data

Get It NOW

If your business data is compromised or lost through cybercriminal activity, can you afford the downtime, loss of sales, and irreparable damage to your company‚Äôs reputation? Do you want to run the risk of paying a massive GDPR fine? Definitely not. A cyber-attack can happen when you least expect it. Prepare yourself for the unknown and unexpected changes. You need Cybersecurity NOW! Get it HERE.

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