Artificial Intelligence, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Internet of Things – these are the buzzwords of our times. Enormous potential, however, also brings enormous risk. Ransomware, Denial of Service, Data Security – these should also be on everyone’s lips. Too often they’re not.

Izak Oosthuizen is a London IT thought leader, entrepreneur, and cybersecurity expert. He is a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organisation London and was nominated for the prestigious UKTech50 award in 2022.

Izak holds several IT qualifications – including various Microsoft, Checkpoint and VMware certifications. Combined with his 20-plus years of experience in IT, and management qualifications from the London School of Business & Finance and Cranfield School of Management, he appreciates that IT drives growth but also comes with associated security risks.

In 2006, Izak founded Zhero, a London-headquartered end-to-end business cybersecurity and IT support company for SMEs. Zhero is a Microsoft Gold partner providing tailored risk mitigation, cybersecurity, cloud, IT support, consultancy, and professional services to many industry sectors, some include medical, finance, legal, insurance, and architecture. Zhero has worked with a diverse range of brilliant minds and institutions such as WeWork, Giorgio Armani, Energy UK, Edmond De Rothschild, the Federation of Master Builders, City, University of London and Dimension Data.

In November 2023, Izak published his latest Amazon best-seller, You Don’t Need a £1 Million Cybersecurity Budget. The book, which focuses on how SMEs can affordably enhance their cybersecurity resilience and cyber hygiene, peaked at number one in the United Kingdom and the United States, making Izak an international best-selling author. Izak has also previously co-authored two best-selling IT books, ‘Adapt and Overcome’ and ‘Cybersecurity NOW’, also available on Amazon. These are essential reads for navigating the ever-changing worlds of cybersecurity, remote working, and the digitised workplace. His insights have also been featured in The Economist, UK Computer Weekly and other prominent publications.

In January 2024, Izak co-founded Cyber London along with Professor Raj Muttukrishnan, Simon Newman and others, and is also a co-director. Cyber London is recognised by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) as the official Cyber Cluster for London, an informal network of people/organisations who work/have an interest in cybersecurity. Cyber London will support London’s cybersecurity ecosystem to become a world leader in technological innovation and sustainability.

Izak has made a name as a keynote speaker at events hosted by The Economist, N-Able, and London Market Forums (LMF). At the recent LMF 2023 Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Summit, he shared cyber-edge cybersecurity and risk mitigation strategies with contemporary pioneers such as Gary Brailsford-Hart, the Director of Information & CISO at City of London Police, and Simon Newman, the CEO of the Cyber Resilience Centre for London. In collaboration with City, University of London, I have also had the privilege to represent the United Kindom at round table events hosted by the Australian High Commission.

Latest bestselling book on cybersecurity: released in US February 2021

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has brought unprecedented changes to the way we live and work. Preparing for change and the unknown is essential if you want your business to survive.

The business community must be educated about the importance of cybersecurity and the necessity of securing and protecting data. This is why I teamed up with ten high-level cybersecurity experts to write Cybersecurity NOW.

Cybersecurity NOW is now a bestselling book on Amazon and a must for business owners and executives who want to ensure business longevity.

Latest bestselling book on cybersecurity: released in US July 2020

 Now, more so than ever, the ability to adapt to increasing uncertainties and overcome the difficulties they pose is imperative. Cybersecurity is now at the forefront of business challenges as an entire workforce adjusts to working from home.


In Adapt and Overcome, I teamed up with ten more Information Technology Specialists to advise small-medium business owners on the best ways to protect their businesses, data, and employees right now. 

Izak and his team simply deliver - they're proactive, reliable, and always ready. Way ahead of the norm.
Working with Izak on a personal level has always been very straight forward – his understanding of IT is both deep and broad.
Dimension Data

My company has been a client of Izak for the last six years with regards to IT support and cybersecurity. We have found Izak to be very knowledgeable and has provided excellent IT services during this period. Izak is also proactive in informing us of upcoming technology and cyber threats.


Virtual CIO

Do you feel your business needs an ‘IT sanity check’?

I provide once-off consultancy and monthly business technology check-ins to assess the appropriateness of the technology and advice provided by your existing IT department or provider. 

This includes:

− Monthly workshops, planning and technology road-mapping
− SWOT analysis, priority setting and guidance
− Ongoing risk and cost assessments
− Immediate assistance in event of an emergency


Breaking through the valley of death is a difficult phase for any company. Did you know, only 4% of all companies reach £1 million in turnover?

No matter how complicated your business becomes, everything is ultimately about the freedom to grow, develop and explore. As a business owner myself, I had to navigate stabilising the organisation as we scaled. I can help and guide you with:

− Implementation and assistance with the Rockefeller Habits
− Developing and executing practical tools and strategies that work
− Accountable and realistic goal-setting


I provide transformative training on a one-to-one or a group basis. My training is for all levels of employees and anybody looking to gain practical expertise about their business technology. Offers include:

− Best practice, guidance and maintenance
− Training and security awareness
− New technology implementation


Are you part of a team or group that needs a little motivational boost? 

I offer strategic help to founders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, IT managers, and anyone needing to develop their practical skills for their business and processes.

− Keynote speaker on various topics
− Brainstorming. solution-design, and problem-solving
− Motivational and incentivising talks

Known to many leaders as the “cybersecurity and IT sage”